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Online Shop Sale

All the items listed in the table below are included in the sale and are offered with a 15% discount off the List Price.
Please enter Voucher Code 'SALE15' at checkout to obtain your discount.

If you are intending to collect your order from Huncote please see our guidance notes here

Part No. Description List Price
Miscellaneous (Delivery or Collection from Huncote)
A254 Kickstart Footpiece Spring 4.50
A254/2 Kickstart Spring Washer '46 on 0.55
A254/3 Kickstart Footpiece Leaf Spring 6.00
B86 L/Shaft Gear 28T MOV/MAC Std. (Believed ex Hall Green) 25.00
FK206 Chainguard Stud 1.20
H46 Brass Terminal Extension 0.25
K191 Big End Roller Std. 1.50
K191H HOFFMANN Big End Roller Std. 1.95
K193 Big End Roller Cage for MAC 12.50
M82 Oil Pump Gear 0.311 Wide 5.00
M82/2 Oil Pump Gear 0.186 Wide 5.00
M97 Oilpump Screw MAC/MOV/MSS 0.70
T66B Rear Stand Nut Black Original 2.50
VSL087A Brake Light Switch Plate Mild Steel 3.30
Brake Rods (Collection from Huncote Only)
MAS41 Swing Arm 20" long 14.95
SL30/12 KSS/MSS Rigid 23" long 14.95
SL30/37 MOV/MAC 27" long 13.80
Pannier Frames and Racks (Collection from Huncote Only)
VSL003SS Pannier Frame Set (L & R) Stainless 150.00
VSL004SS Luggage Carrier for 3.5 Gallon Tank Stainless 45.00
VSL005SS Luggage Carrier for 4 Gallon Tank Stainless 45.00
VSL003 Pannier Frame Set (L & R) Black 125.00
VSL004 Luggage Carrier for 3.5 Gallon Tank Black 37.00
VSL005 Luggage Carrier for 4 Gallon Tank Black 37.00
Handlebars (Collection from Huncote Only)
VSL021 Push Pull Throttle in Stainless. (Slot for throttle) 49.50
VSL022 MOV/MAC/GTP Dull Stainless Steel (FK61/3) 35.00
VSL025A KSS Mk2 Wider Centre Section 35.00
VSL027 KTT Un-plated Steel 34.30
VSL030 Std. Tele Fork, All Models Stainless (FK61/8) 35.00


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