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VSL Special Parts - Available in the Shop

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Velocette VSL454 Exhaust Clamp 50mm Velocette VSL150 Clutch Friction Plate Velocette VSL457 Exhaust Clamp 45mm
Exhaust Pipe Clamp 2" Clutch Friction Plate Bonded Exhaust Pipe Clamp 1 3/4"
VSL454 VSL150 VSL457
Velocette Domed Screws Velocette VSL151 Clutch Plain Plate Velocette BK40 Oil Filler Plug
Tappet & Timing Cover Screws Clutch Plate Plain Oil Filler Plug
K55 & K95 VSL151 BK40
Velocette VSL380 Toothed Engine Pulley Velocette Dynamo Pulley Set Velocette VSL383 Toothed Dynamo Pulley
Toothed Engine Pulley Dynamo Pulley Set Toothed Dynamo Pulley
VSL380 VSL380 VSL383 VSL386 VSL383
Velocette Bottom Bevel Gears Velocette Battery Strap Set Velocette Gland Nuts and Tool
Bottom Bevel Gear Pair Battery Strap Set Gland Nuts & Tool
K32 & K33 E9/5 E9/6 E51 E51/2 E53 M52/A K52 VSL364

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