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Spares News from FT456


Christmas Presents

When it comes to presents I find it’s a good idea to buy a little extra something for myself because as the Rolling Stones put it “You can’t always get what you want”. Whilst a new sweater or pack of socks are always welcome and useful they’re difficult to get excited about. However, something more tactile, like a book, a new tool to put on my tool rack, or a bit of shiny stainless for the bike is much more appealing. You may want to ensure that you receive at least one Velo related present, and if so, here are a few ideas that I hope you will find of interest.


The Veloce Service Manual (Red Book - VSL102/A) will always be the definitive guide for M series machines. However, the Haynes Manual (VSL100) is a very useful addition to your library as it’s very easy to follow, sets out jobs in a series of logical steps, and contains lots of photographs. And, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so for this reason alone it is surely a bargain. Please don’t buy one on ebay, as at the time of writing the cheapest was £30 for a used copy. This will undoubtably have dirty finger marks and may even be tear stained throughout chapter three. Instead buy a brand new, latest edition Haynes Manual from VSL. We are offering them at the reduced price of £15 from now until Christmas.

Haynes Manual Cover

Haynes Manual

The excellent and ever popular Gearbox and Engine DVDs also make superb presents and they too are just £15 each.


If you already have a Haynes then despite huge demand we still have some Magneto Nut Spanners (VSL120) in stock, or you could invest in one of our Sleeve Gear Nut tools (VSL115) which incidentally, may help you to avoid tear staining chapter three of your Haynes.

For the Bike

When it comes to enhancing the appearance of your bike we have an impressive range of stainless parts, transfers, tank badges, chromed petrol and oil tank caps, headlight rims, and much more. Please see our Sales List for more ideas.

Please order before 12th December for Christmas delivery.

Email Ordering

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to accept email attachments in .pdf format. This includes order, registration and update forms. If you normally send us attachments in MS Word format then please continue to do so. We believe that the option of sending .pdf will be of particular benefit to those using Apple kit.

Finally, we would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and healthy and happy New Year. We will be taking a short break over the Christmas period but normal service will be resumed during the first week of January.



Below is a list of parts that were booked into stock at the Old Chapel today:

Part No. Description Price
A288 Oil Filter (Original Felt Type) £22.50
KS75 Rear Hub Side Plate £41.00
KS75/2 Rear Wheel End Plug £4.30
KS76 Rear Hub Plate Tube (SS) £3.90
M216 Bottom Rocker Thrust washer £4.50

Spares News from FT455

(The Un-edited Version)


As well as being a member of the VOC I now consider myself to be a Life Member of the Grumpy Old Men’s Club. Gentle reader I would ask you to bear this in mind when perusing my contribution to what is otherwise the best motorcycle club magazine bar none. I think I may be suffering from SAD with the approach of winter and I feel the need to get a few things off my chest.

As Hamlet once said:

“Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
And by opposing end them”


“This above all: to thine own self be true”

It was incorrectly stated in a letter published in FT454 that VSL does not stock valves for Venoms. I think it’s important for me to assure readers that we do stock both inlet and exhaust valves and corresponding valve guides. We have done so for many years. VSL stock a wide range of valves covering most K and M series machines and are even able to offer an ‘unleaded’ option for some models. As an example, those specific to the Venom are listed below:

M2/7 Inlet Valve VM £19.50 M2/7A Inlet Valve VM (unleaded) £30.00 M2/17A Exhaust Valve VM (unleaded) £25.00

Valves and Guides

Some of the valves available from VSL

May I recommend that if you want to find out whether a particular part is stocked by VSL that you consult our Sales List. It is always available here on our website and it's updated on a monthly basis.

Email Ordering

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in't”

The number of people registered to use our email ordering service continues to grow. In consequence most orders are now received in this way with some reduction in orders coming through the post, although we now seem to be dealing with a higher volume of orders overall. We believe that the email service has improved the service we provide to customers. However, we do rely on members sending their order forms in the correct format and providing all of the required information for us to successfully and efficiently process the order.

Thankfully, the majority of the orders we receive are perfectly correct and therefore straightforward to process, so thank you to all who take the time and trouble to help ease our workload.

Sadly, we spend a significant amount of our time on Mail Days sorting out forms that have incorrect, ambiguous, or missing entries. This is time we should be spending processing and packing the orders. To whom it may concern, please take the time to check your order before submitting it, a couple of minutes making sure that all is correct may well save half an hour for us at Huncote and avoid a delay in sending the parts. In particular please check that you have included your membership number, card expiry date, security number and the last four digits of the registered card number. We are always trying to provide the best possible service to our customers with limited resource, but we would very much appreciate your help with this when placing your orders.

•   We send all email customers a Confirmation of Registration email which sets out everything needed to successfully place an email order. Please take the time to read it. If you have lost this email then please ask us to resend it and we will be happy to oblige.

•   Further advice on how to specify the parts you want using a Velocette Spare Parts List together with the VSL Sales List is available on the ‘Order Forms’ page of the website.

•   When your registered details have changed then please let us know before placing further orders.

•   If you have provided us with a mobile phone number - please have it switched on!

•   It may help to know that usually we process the orders at Huncote on a Wednesday or Thursday, so if you get your email or letter to us by Tuesday afternoon your order will normally be processed within the next 48 hours.


Well having got that out of the way I hope to provide you with a more upbeat piece next time. And one day I will tell you about some post Shakespearean Velocette history in the form of genuine Veloce MAC/MOV gearbox parts ‘salvaged’ from the Hall Green factory when it closed in 1971. Watch this space… Oh, and most importantly, please do keep the orders coming! “Ay, there’s the rub”

Spares News from FT454


Summer Riding

What fantastic weather we have had this Summer! There really was no excuse for not riding our Velo’s and getting the most out of them.

So, assuming that you have been using your bike extensively in the last few months there must surely be something that’s wearing out? Chains, brake linings, clutch linings, wheel bearings, fork bushes, gearbox bearings, cables, etc… And with my Health & Safety hat on - when did you last check or replace your front brake cable? Is it on its last couple of strands? VSL stock all of the above plus lots more so why not check your bike over and do some preventative maintenance. It’s not a good look arriving home with the Velo on the back of a recovery truck.

Special Tools

If, like me, you find it a struggle to remove the magneto then you probably need one of these. The new Magneto Nut Spanner (VSL120) is the latest innovation from VSL and will be a valuable addition to your toolkit. The bottom nut will no longer be a dark object in some parallel universe, not quite accessible to even the most ingeniously fabricated makeshift spanner, because this one is purpose built and it works! I have it on good authority that it has even been given the seal of approval by Geoff Dodkin. What more can I say? Well, only that I’ve already got mine.

VSL120 Magneto Nut Spanner VSL120 in use


Taper Roller Wheel Bearings

VSL has acquired a small quantity of the two types of taper roller wheel bearings that are fitted to some of the Rigid Frame bikes. These are new-old stock from the original manufacturer. If you need either type to keep your ancient Velo on the road or to complete a restoration project then please contact us about your requirements. If you are registered for email ordering, then send your enquiry to us by email. Otherwise, you can write to us at Huncote. Please quote your name, membership number and contact details in any communication.

Parts Recently Restocked
Part No. Description Price
B34 1/8” Countersunk Screw £1.80
BK52 Thrust Cup Wire Spring £3.15
FK264 Lock Plate for PCC Screws (NOS) £3.80
KS75 Rear Wheel Dust Cover (3 Hole) £30.00
KS76 Spacer tube for KS75 SS £3.50
VSL380 Engine Pulley 40T VM/MSS/VR/VMT £39.45

New Parts
Part No. Description Price
KS16/2 Brake Shoe Slipper (wear-resistant material) £1.45
KS75/2 Rubber Plug for KS75 (Velocette Logo) £3.80
VSL120 Magneto Nut Spanner £9.00
VSL460L Lucas replica stop lamp switch £12.50

Spares News from FT453


VSL Volunteers

The response to our advert for volunteers in FT452 was somewhat disappointing in terms of quantity with only two respondents. Fortunately however, in terms of quality it was a great success. At the time of writing our first applicant has spent a day at Huncote for a ‘taster’ of the job we do, and plans are in place for our second to do likewise. It’s not too late to apply and we would still like to hear from anyone who would be able to help out on our mid-week mail days. The email address is: [email protected]

For more information please see Spares News in FT452 and on the VSL website.

Petrol Taps

Picking up on a recent thread from the Technical Forum regarding leaking petrol taps, I found the following interesting suggestions:

Boil the corks in water
Soak them in petrol
Boil and then cover in Vaseline
Chew them gently...

Well Maybe? But as someone who once had a bike almost totally destroyed by fire due to a leaky petrol tap I do have a suggestion of my own. Replace leaking taps with VSL420 & VSL421, they’re £7.80 each, and be sure to fit them using dowty seal washers VSL406 at £0.85 each – why take the chance?

VSL420 and VSL421 Petrol Taps

VSL420 & VSL421

Spares News from FT452


An Opportunity to Join the Team

As you know VSL is run entirely by its volunteer workforce. Some have been doing the job for thirty years or more and some, like myself, for only a few years but none of us are getting any younger. We urgently need some new blood to help us to continue to provide our spares service to the VOC. A service which I believe is highly valued and appreciated by the membership both here in the UK and overseas.

We would very much like to hear from anyone who could be interested in joining our small friendly team of Velocette enthusiasts, with a view to helping us on a regular basis at the Old Chapel in Huncote to process the mail orders

It is most likely to suit a retired or semi-retired person as our ‘Mail Days’ are usually on Thursdays.

I have set out below a Job Description but essentially if you would like to further your interest in Velocettes, enjoy working with like-minded people, and would gain satisfaction from helping to provide a valuable service to the VOC membership, then you are just the sort of person that we are looking for.

Processing orders on a ‘Mail Day’ at the Old Chapel involves the following:

•   Picking parts – sorry there are no computer-controlled carousels.

•   Generating the customer’s bill – we use a computer to do this so some familiarity with using a PC would be beneficial but not essential.

•   Packing parts ready to be sent by Royal Mail or Courier.

‘Mail Days’ take place once a week but we are looking for volunteers to help on a regular basis every other week to work typically for five or six hours. This being the case, we ideally need them to be from the local Huncote / East Midlands area. And last but not least a sense of humour will be greatly appreciated by your VSL colleagues and will also help you to rise above the various minor challenges thrown at us from time to time by our valued customers.

Please give it some thought and if you are interested and think that you could make the necessary commitment then we would very much like to hear from you. Just email us at [email protected] giving your name, address and telephone number and we will call you back to discuss in more detail.

Spares News from FT451


If you haven’t already then now is a good time for the annual oil change. I know it can be a bit of a messy affair thanks to Velocette’s somewhat vindictive placement of the oil tank drain plug and the problem of getting those old top and bottom gaskets to form a seal again once they’ve been disturbed. For what it’s worth, my advice is to cut the bottom out of a four-pint plastic milk bottle to use as a funnel to drain the oil, and to always buy new gaskets. You might also want to take the opportunity to fit one of our magnetic drain plugs at the same time.

You will need either:

VSL020 Paper Oil Filter Element (for use with VSL Filter Kit)
A288 Felt Oil Filter Element (standard fitting)

LE572 Oil Tank Cap Gasket Top
A287 Oil Tank Cap Gasket Bottom

And maybe
B38M Drain Plug (Magnetic)

Oil Change Kit

If you are suffering from wet sumping and are not sure of the efficacy of whacking the steel ball into its seating with a hammer in an attempt to improve matters, then you may prefer to try our Nitrile Ball Valve Ball. No Birmingham screwdriver required to fit it but I would recommend buying a new Ball Valve Spring to complete the job.

W15/2R Nitrile Ball Valve Ball
M255 Ball Valve Spring

For anyone who still has a VHS player we have reduced the price of the Engine and Gearbox videos to £5 each. Very limited stock so hurry and grab a bargain.

VSL158 Video Gearbox
VSL159 Video Engine

Spares News from FT450


January Spares Open Day

As ever this was a very well attended event thanks to the East Midlands Centre’s Bring & Buy sale nearby, and it’s by far the busiest day of the year at the Old Chapel. Thanks to Geoff Bloor for organising the queuing system for us and to Yvonne Lawrence and Wendy Fordyce for providing the very welcome refreshments. It’s good to start the year with such a successful and enjoyable event. Long may it continue!

Sleeve Gear Nut Tool

I think that everyone who has reassembled a Velocette clutch will acknowledge that it can be somewhat tricky, especially if you don’t have the right tools. Getting the Sleeve Gear Nut to engage with the first thread on the Sleeve Gear can be a deeply frustrating experience. However, using the correct tool can make all the difference and with this in mind I can recommend the VSL Sleeve Gear Nut Tool (VSL115). It is best used in conjunction with a socket spanner as in the picture below or if required it can be held in place with the Gear Shaft Nut.

Sleeve Gear Nut Tool Sleeve Gear Nut Tool in Use

VSL115 Sleeve Gear Nut Tool £19.75

Spares News from FT449


On behalf of all the staff at VSL I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year. Let’s hope we have plenty of good riding weather this year so we can use our bikes to the full.

Thanks to everyone who sent Christmas cards to us at the Old Chapel and the kind words. Much appreciated. The majority of our orders now come by email rather than through the post. Email has the advantage that it saves our customers postage and we are able to read all the orders. Illegible handwriting is not just the preserve of doctors it would seem. If you would like to place your orders by email you just have to register your credit card with us. Please see the website for details.

We have managed to acquire a small quantity of RHP B22 Sleeve Gear Bearings. These are the superior quality brass caged bearings that also have larger diameter ball bearings than the cheaper steel caged items. They are made in England and priced at £65 each, and as they say 'when they're gone they're gone'. So, if you want a top quality B22 bearing now is your chance!

RHP 98207MB Ball Bearing

RHP B22 Sleeve Gear Ball Bearing £65.00

Open Days

I don’t think we have ever failed to open on any of the scheduled Open Days in the last several years. However, the day before the last December Open Day there was heavy snow followed by continuous heavy snow on the Sunday. In the event despite the heroic efforts of our stalwart volunteers none managed to make it as far as Huncote. We apologise if anyone did make it to the Old Chapel only to find it closed. It did occur to us that we had no means of informing members if an Open Day should have to be cancelled at short notice. In future we will put a notice on the website if there is any last-minute change to the schedule. So, it would be worth checking the website before setting out especially in adverse weather conditions.

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