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Spares News from FT448


I hope that everyone has been taking every opportunity to use their Velo’s this summer and have been racking up the miles. With the onset of winter, we start to look at the maintenance jobs that we have been putting off during the riding season. VSL is here to help. We can supply the parts you will need and we have a comprehensive range of service manuals, parts books, etc. to enable you to identify the required parts and to guide you through the process of fitting them.

Technical publications available from VSL:

Veloce Spare Parts List £8.00 to £11.25 depending on model.
Veloce Service Manual £8.00 to £12.75 depending on model.
Haynes Manual (VM, VR, MSS) £17.50

Also, there are some useful web resources:

Dai Gibbison’s Technical site, where you can also find out how to join his Technical Forum.

And don’t forget that you can see the Guidance Notes for fitting VSL ‘Special Parts’ on the VSL website and download the latest Sales List and order forms.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a couple of new DVD's but If you were considering Wonder Woman, Fast & Furious 8, or the latest Pirates of the Caribbean I would urge you to reconsider. They are like modern sports bikes - loud, fast, outrageous, but ultimately somewhat characterless and unfulfilling.

Instead I would like to recommend two excellent DVD's available from VSL made specifically for the Velocette enthusiast. Of course, I refer to those classic British films the 'Engine Overhaul' and the 'Gearbox Overhaul' which were made, on location, by Dave Allcock a former Technical Secretary of the VOC. Sadly, Dave is no longer with us but through these videos he has left us a lasting legacy. There are no CGI special effects, no distracting background music, and I don't think there was even a script but to watch Dave calmly reassembling Velo internals in his workshop is both educational and entertaining. I can't recommend them too highly, so watch, listen, learn, enjoy, and at the same time gain some appreciation of the gentle and knowledgeable man who made them.


VSL159/DVD                     VSL158/DVD

Note: they cover the overhaul of engines and gearboxes of RS framed pushrod machines, i.e. Venom, Viper, Thruxton, MSS and MAC. However, they will also be relevant to the earlier iron MOV, MAC and MSS models which in many respects are similar. They are just £15 each. Please order before 14th December for Christmas delivery.

We recently acquired a batch of these petrol taps which appear to be well made and at this price represent excellent value. I am told on good authority that they don’t leak, don’t look original and certainly don’t cost an arm and a leg. Form an orderly queue!

VSL420 Petrol Tap

VSL420     Die Cast Petrol Tap     £7.80

Finally, we would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and healthy and happy New Year. We will be taking a short break over the Christmas period but normal service will be resumed during the first week of January.

Spares News from FT447


There has been some discussion on Dai Gibbison’s Technical Forum about the correct way to assemble the VSL Paper Oil Filter Kit (VSL019). Firstly, let me say that full instructions come with the kit but if, for whatever reason, you should need the instructions they are available on the VSL website. In fact all our Guidance Notes are on the website and can be viewed or downloaded for printing. They can be accessed by going to the Special Parts  pages and clicking on the picture of the part that you want instructions for. However, not all parts have or need Guidance Notes.

I was on an Alcester Centre run recently and was reminded of the importance of a very cheap but effective part on my Venom that can stop the gearbox oil becoming an emulsified non lubricant. While sitting warm and dry in the Croome Court café the heavens opened and there was a torrential downpour for about twenty minutes. Obviously our bikes were drenched but I was safe in the knowledge that my Clutch Cable Boot (VSL180) would be preventing the rain water from running down the clutch cable and into the gearbox. They’re a pound from VSL, so for me it’s another of those parts that belong in the ‘everyone should have one’ category.

VSL180 Clutch Cable Boot

VSL180     Clutch Cable Boot (Gearbox End)     £1.00

Spares News from FT446


First I can confirm that the fax machine at Huncote has been decommissioned in line with the announcement made in FT444.

The high volume of members registering their card details with us so as to take advantage of our ‘Order by Email’ service continues unabated. Any former fax users may wish to register and use this service too. However, we will always accept orders by post and all orders are treated equally regardless of how they are received at Huncote.

For those who strive towards the Nirvana of a leak free Primary Chaincase I can recommend the VSL Alloy PCC Spacer. Part No. FK205A, it comes complete with O-ring seals at each end. Of course on its own it won't achieve an oil tight chaincase but in my experience it's very effective at eliminating leaks at both ends of the central bolt. So, one step nearer!

FK205A Alloy PCC Spacer

FK205A         Primary Chaincase Spacer         £7.25

Spares News from FT445


Following the announcement in the last FT regarding the new facility to register for ordering by email we received thirty registration requests in the first three weeks. This is a very pleasing result and we hope that members registering for the email ordering service will also be pleased with the ease and convenience that it provides. The new registration forms are available to download from the VSL website, so if you wish to register just complete the form and email it to VSL. Full Instructions are included on the form.

There is much debate about which oil to use in our Velocettes, whether it should be mono or multi grade, classic or modern, etc… I don’t intend to offer my non-expert opinion here but whatever your choice I think we would all agree that oil should be kept as free of metallic particles as possible. To this end I would recommend use of the VSL Paper Oil Filter Kit. The filter element is rated at 40 micrometres which means that it can catch particles three times finer than the original Veloce felt filter. The kit is another nicely engineered VSL innovation which provides a very worthwhile improvement. Fitting instructions are supplied with the kit and it can easily be installed at your next oil change.

VSL019 Filter Kit

VSL019         Paper Oil Filter Kit Complete         £31.50

Spares News from FT444


We are making some changes to our ordering process which we hope will improve the service that we provide to our customers. The best and most efficient way to order parts, both for the customer and VSL is to register your credit/debit card number with us which then enables you to place orders via e-mail. However, please be assured that we will continue to accept orders by post as we have always done.

Register by e-mail to order by e-mail
In recent months we have seen a steady increase in the number of people registering for e-mail ordering. We are pleased to announce that we have now made the registration process even easier as it is no longer necessary to post or fax the completed registration form. Please use the Register for Email page where you can download the new registration form and then e-mail it to VSL. We will send you an e-mail to confirm your registration and to tell you the VSL e-mail address to use for your e-orders.

Fax to be discontinued
The fax facility that has given good service at VSL for many years is now becoming unreliable. It seems that some of the remaining fax machines that are being used to transmit order forms to VSL may be getting tired, or at least their ability to scan in a clear image is deteriorating. Unfortunately, all too often we can’t read the resultant fax image which prevents us from providing a satisfactory service to the customer. Consequently, the VSL fax machine will be given a nostalgic send-off on 1st August 2017 and we would encourage the very few remaining fax users to register for our email ordering service instead.

P&P charges to be kept as low as possible
The cost of posting packages continues to increase, as does the value of some parts. The result is that our traditional method of charging either 15% (UK) or 25% (Overseas) for p&p is seldom justified. From now on VSL will charge what it costs for p&p. This will normally be worked out using Royal Mail’s tables once the size and weight of the package has been determined, then adding a small amount for materials. Please use the new post and e-order forms available on the Order Forms page which no longer include an estimated p&p charge.

Cheques can be a problem so we need your help
Credit and Debit cards are strongly preferred to cheques because cheques are so often made out for an incorrect amount. This can happen when prices have changed, or some parts may be out of stock, and even members’ arithmetical errors are not unknown. In particular with the move to charging what it costs for p&p it is not possible to work out the final total cost of your order in advance. There is an easy solution, which VSL has been recommending for some time and which will now be the only way to pay for mail orders by cheque. If you do not have a debit or credit card and so have to send a cheque with a mail order it must be endorsed with “not to exceed £xx” and the amount fields left empty for VSL to complete. In future any cheques not made out this way will unfortunately need to be returned along with the order. For the bank to accept your cheque it is imperative that the words “not to exceed £xx” are written vertically between the two lines as in the example below:

Correctly Written Cheque

A cheque like this is easier for you to prepare, and it is secure because it can only be encashed by Veloce Spares Limited.

VSL are offering for sale high quality sets of Pannier Frames in stainless steel which are suitable for RS framed bikes. A matching Luggage Carrier to be used in conjunction with the Pannier Frames is also available in versions to fit either the 3 1/2 or 4 1/4 gallon tanks.

The Pannier Frames and Carriers are now in stock and prices are £145 for the Pannier Frames and £45 for the Luggage Carriers.

Spares News from FT443


While the sophisticated VSL Internal Gear Linkage featured in the last FT is probably aimed at the man who has everything, this time it’s the turn of the simple part that everyone should have. Namely the VSL Clutch Roller Thrust Bearing. It belongs in the category of parts that you can ‘Fit and Forget’ as once fitted it will provide excellent reliability and will very likely outlast its owner.

In use the standard ball race tends to wear a groove in the bearing rings, which in time affects clutch adjustment causing drag. Whereas the roller bearing, due to its increased contact area, significantly reduces wear in the bearing rings thus eliminating one of the factors which can cause clutch problems.

I appreciate that no-one removes a Velocette clutch just for fun but if you are rebuilding, replacing clutch plates, or for any other reason have the clutch off the bike then this is the perfect time to make a very easy and modestly priced long term improvement. It’s what in business speak is called a ‘no brainer’. So whilst I admitted to not owning the VSL Gear Linkage I certainly do have one of these which I fitted when rebuilding my bike more than twenty years ago.

You will need:
VSL094     Brass Bearing Cage
VSL095     3/16” x 3/16” Rollers (x14)
C7/26       Clutch Thrust Bearing Plain Ring
C28           Clutch Thrust Bearing Spherical Ring

Roller Clutch Thrust Bearing

Spares News from FT442


It could be argued that the most over engineered component ever fitted to a Velocette motorcycle is VSL037 - Internal Gearbox Linkage. Looking at the pictures below it’s hard to imagine that those two parts do exactly the same job! How did we get from the ‘bent piece of scrap iron’ on the left, to the double rose jointed beauty on the right?

GC58/2 VSL037

Well I think that the answer is that many of us want the best possible for our bikes, which VSL037 clearly is, and we’re prepared to pay that bit extra in order to achieve it. However, the real reason may be that we just want to avoid the embarrassment of pulling off the gearbox end cover to reveal GC58/2 in all its glory? It seems that even brand new ones are made to appear rusty.

I don’t actually have a VSL037, but if I did, it would occupy pride of place and be mounted on my headlamp bracket next to the VOC 24 Hour Record badge. As they say if you’ve got it – flaunt it!

It does seem a shame to hide such a fine piece of engineering out of sight inside the gearbox but if you really want to eliminate the brewer’s droop from your gear lever, then look no further. It fits all S/A models and is available only from your very own VSL. See the Special Parts page for further information and the Sales List for current price.

Spares News from FT441


I suspect there is a great deal of workshop activity underway at the moment in preparation for the riding season. One New Year resolution you might consider is to use the best parts available and where possible to make worthwhile improvements. VSL has an extensive range of parts in stock including a number of re-engineered ‘special’ parts which provide an advantage over the Velocette originals.

improved kickstart spring

This kickstart spring (BK19A) has been developed by VSL to overcome the jamming, binding and overstressing frequently experienced with some currently available pattern springs. The extension to the outer end stabilises the spring in the kickstart housing allowing it to operate concentrically without binding. See the Video of it being made.

Other VSL top sellers include:

VSL019 Paper Oil Filter Kit
VSL037 Internal Gearbox Linkage
VSL094 & VSL095 Clutch Thrust Roller Bearing

This is just a small selection of the many special parts that we supply and they are only available from VSL. For full details please visit our website at where all the special parts can be seen, and any additional information, fitting instructions etc. can be viewed or downloaded. A copy of the Sales List can also be downloaded which covers all the parts currently available from VSL together with the latest prices.


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